Brain Hemorrhages

Dangerous and potentially life-threatening brain hemorrhages have been reported while taking Xarelto

Brain bleeds, also known as brain hemorrhages, have been reported as a side effect from Xarelto, a blood thinner medication that has been the target of many personal injury lawsuits in recent months. Yet many were never apprised of the serious risks of this drug, which has no known antidote.

Xarelto has been prescribed as an alternative to the blood thinner known as coumadin/warfarin, which requires intensive monitoring to ensure the drug remains at therapeutic levels. Xarelto, which is manufactured by Bayer and Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals, does not require this degree of monitoring, which made it preferable to some.

But this drug lacks an antidote and bleeding becomes uncontrolled, often resulting in a fatal situation. This is particularly true of brain hemorrhages, which arise when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures. There is very little space between the brain and the skull, and this area fills with blood, resulting in pressure on the brain. The pressure from the blood clots can cause permanent brain damage and ultimately, death.

Surgical intervention is complicated by the fact that Xarelto thins the blood to the point where any incision bleeds uncontrollably. What’s more, some brain hemorrhages are not accessible to surgeons.

Many individuals who’ve suffered a brain hemorrhage while on Xarelto have died as a result of the health complication. Others may have suffered brain damage from the incident.

Taking Xarelto can result in uncontrolled internal bleeding that cannot be curbed leading to permanent hospitalization and even death in some cases. If this occurs near the brain, it can lead to a fatal or crippling hemorrhage. If this happened to you, our attorneys will ensure you receive the financial and medical compensation you deserve. Call 877-317-8005

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